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Aluminum powders PA-0, PA-1, PA-2, PA-3, PA-4
  • Aluminum powders PA-0, PA-1, PA-2, PA-3, PA-4
  • Aluminum powders PA-0, PA-1, PA-2, PA-3, PA-4

Aluminum powders PA-0, PA-1, PA-2, PA-3, PA-4

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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nbsp;- Aluminum powders PA-0, PA-1, PA-2, PA-3, PA-4 represent the product of silver-gray color with metal gloss which is not containing the foreign particulates and bound together lumps which are not scattered from light touch.

Powders receive spraying of the melted primary aluminum or its waste and the subsequent sowing on fraction. Aluminum PAS powder is made of primary aluminum.

Use of aluminum powders in different industries.
1. Ore mining industry.
Aluminum powders as high-energy additives are part of many industrial explosives (E) which are applied in the mining industry - ammonals, rocky ammonites, detonit, alumotrinitrotoluene. At the same time warmth of explosive transformation of VV and indicators of their working capacity significantly increases.
2. Ferrous metallurgy.
In ferrous metallurgy aluminum powders (granules) are applied as reducer. The additive of 0,1-1,5% of aluminum krupka to the melted iron completely exempts it from protoxide and by that provides dense casting without sinks. Aluminum powders are used for heating of profitable part of ingot when molding ferrous metals. Around pouring opening and profit fill mix from oxides and aluminum powders which "-is lit" - from fusion and, burning down, long time supports cast metal in liquid state. It allows during the hardening of casting and reduction at the same time of the volume of metal to add form and to avoid thereby formation of shrinkable sinks in castings. By production of ferroalloys aluminothermic recovery of oxides of refractory metals is widely used. Thus receive ferro-molybdenum, ferronioby, ferro-tungsten, etc., at the same time usually use powders fineness from 5 to 300 microns. World distribution was gained by the thermite mixes Fe2O3  - Al. Stekhiometrichesky mix of 75% Fe2O3  - + 25% of Al gives burning temperature about 2500 ° - Page.
3. Chemical industry.
In chemical industry aluminum powders and granules successfully apply to recovery virgin soils as they quickly react in water acidic or alkaline environments with release of hydrogen which at the time of education is one of the strongest reducers: 1 kg of aluminum powders gives 1240 l of hydrogen. Aluminum powders find broad application when receiving aluminum alkyls, at polymerization of ethyls, productions of anti-detonator of tetraethyllead, etc.
4. Receiving aluminum coverings on metals.
Aluminum powders are applied to drawing coverings, generally on steel products. The greatest application was received metallization by spraying, by plasma dusting and powder metallurgy (nakatka of powders on surface of steel sheet with the subsequent heat treatment).

Other scopes.
Aluminum powders add to composition of rubber at production of car tires for the purpose of increase in heat conductivity of tire-tread rubber and improvement of operating conditions of inner surface of tires. The additive of powders in plastic improves their mechanical properties, increases their wear resistance, gives them special characteristics (conductivity, heat conductivity, etc.). Aluminum powder is widely used as filler in plastics on the basis of pitches, for example, epoksidiy, polyester and phenolic.
Powdery aluminum is applied to preparation so-called "-cold solders" - (fillings) which are used for filling of sinks, hollows, we crack also seams on metal surface. More than 50% of composition of cold solder are made by aluminum powder which mixes up with having ground also hardener.

Some other areas of use of aluminum powders, powders, pastes and granules:
- production of high density fire-resistant materials (the additive of aluminum powders allows to increase density, thermal stability and mechanical density of ogneupor) -
- receiving porous adsorptive materials for cryogenic equipment -
- production of welding powder wire -
- receiving lubricant cooling liquids (LCL).

Physical and chemical characteristics of primary aluminum powders PASES state standard specifications 6058-73.
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 29.12.2020
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