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Nitrogen-n:p:k phosphorus-potassium fertilizer = 13%:19%:19%
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12.5 UAH
nbsp; - Name of indicators Norm
Group: Complex fertilizers
Saltpeter ammoniac
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10 UAH
  • 9.5 UAH/kg.  - from 50 kg.
The company realizes more than 100 types of chemical, food and industrial output. Any volumes. Discounts. Delivery across all Ukraine. If you want, to wholesale saltpeter, call!
Group: Mineral fertilizer
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- Ammophos - the high-concentrated granulated azotnofosforny fertilizer. Consists of NH4H2PO4 - (not less than 80%), (NH4) 2HPO4 - (apprx. 5%) and impurity - (NH4)2SO4, phosphates Mg, Fe, A1, etc. Schematic diagram of production: interaction of H3PO4 - about NH4, concoction of the received...
Group: Ammophos
Ammonium sulfate BASF
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nbsp;- Ammonium sulfate (BASF)
Group: Sulfate of ammonium
Nitroamofosk, Nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium complex fertilizer afk n:p:k = 16%:16%:16%+/-2%-3%
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14.5 UAH
- Nitroamofosk Nitrogen - phosphorus - potassium complex fertilizer afk n: p: k = 16% : 16% : 16% + / - 2% - 3% of the Harkovtorgservice, LLC enterprise. If decided to buy Nitrogen - phosphorus - potassium complex fertilizer afk to n: p: k = 16% : 16% : 16% + / - 2% - 3% , then you visited the...
Group: Complex fertilizers
Asophoska of nitroammofosk of n:p:k:s = 21%:10%:10%:2%
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nbsp;- Name of indicator Norm
Group: Mineral nitrogen-phosphoruspotassic fertilizer (50-54% N, P2O5 and K2O)
Ammonium nitrate of brand of n = 34,4%
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nbsp;-Ammonium nitrate of the brand "-B" - (NH4NO3) – the highly effective fertilizer containing not less than 34,4% of nitrogen. Molecular weight on the international atomic masses of 1971 – 80,043. Ammonium nitrate is irreplaceable fertilizer in agriculture which has the mass of advantages. This...
Group: Complex fertilizers
Ammophos of ukra§n of m_shki/b_g_bega
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nbsp;-Ammophos – - phosphorus-azotne dobrivo - vishchy _atunka, shcho to m_stit 51% to phosphorus і blizko 13% to nitrogen. _runt, yakiya zbagacheno tsy rechovina, to zabezpech є povnots_nny rozvitok of Roslin. - Ammophos formula - yaky rozroblen z accent on ekolog_chn_st,...
Group: Complex fertilizers


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